Established in 1936, Allegheny Plastics Inc. initially pioneered the innovative use of plastic resins to print and laminate plastic charts for military applications.

Over the years’ Allegheny evolved into three distinct internationally recognized businesses that manufactured a variety of products with the some of the most unique plastic materials for their target applications:

  • Allegheny Performance Plastics an injection molder and global supplier of technically advanced functional parts and assemblies, used in products including gears, transmissions and pumps, made from high-performance specialty thermoplastics.
  • Allegheny Process Equipment became a leader in the metals processing industry for the design, supply and commissioning of polypropylene tanks and related equipment.
  • Allegheny Printed Plastics the initial business founded to provide aircraft grids and other durable printed plastics for the United States Defense Department, has transformed into a leading manufacturer of custom printed laminated plastic cards.

Although Allegheny remains privately held business by the descendants of the founding Yost family, both the Process Equipment and Performance Plastics subsidiaries were later divested to facilitate their specific expansion plans and free up investment capital for the Printed Plastics business.

Today, the Allegheny brand is behind products in some of the world’s most demanding industrial applications and consumer products. The culture of curiosity, innovation, improvement and long term thinking, established more than seven decades ago, remains strong at Allegheny.